Our Story

Jerry Smith and John Yaw formed YAWS in 1988. John and Jerry had over 30 years experience in the wastewater field, and have passed down their legacy and expertise to the current management who run the plant. YAWS has always been a private, family owned business and Jerry’s wife Lauri now has taken over the day to day running of the company. 

YAWS brings superior operational techniques to its core business of operation and maintenance of water and wastewater facilities to ensure compliance with all regulatory standards. YAWS has the ability to handle start-ups, troubleshooting and repairs, maintenance and operation of water and wastewater facilities. The company also provides its expertise on a consultant basis. Our staff is composed of experienced mechanics and licensed operators. Our licensing qualifications include 2A, 3A and 4A wastewater operators and C, D and 2A water treatment operators. The broad range of professional licensure allows YAWS to diagnose, repair and solve any problem encountered in a water or wastewater treatment facility.

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